Byrd Campbell in the News

/Byrd Campbell in the News

Miami judgment hits Dominican Republic for $50M

June 11, 2013|Byrd Campbell in the News|

Two South Florida companies have won a $50 million foreign judgment against a government agency of the Dominican Republic over a canceled contract to build an irrigation system. U.S. District Judge Cecilia Altonaga signed the [...]

CAFTA agreement boosts Latin American trade and legal disputes in South Florida

March 15, 2013|Byrd Campbell in the News|

A free trade agreement with Central America and the Dominican Republic is boosting South Florida’s trade and business connections, even as it increases legal disputes with those regions. According to World City data, trade volume [...]

HSN personalities’ court battle a cautionary trail

July 12, 2010|Byrd Campbell in the News|

Two personalities who have made millions of dollars hawking Huggable Hangers and custom guitars on HSN have made the Pinellas County Circuit Court their new stage in a fight over publicity rights and product marketing. [...]