Coronavirus: Part I – “Act of God?” or “Oh my God!”

As the world wrestles with the medical and social issues of how to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, the legal and financial aftermath looms perhaps even larger. Eventually, medicine, governmental intervention, and the public spirit will defeat the disease hopefully within weeks or months, but the effects on our lives, businesses, and investments could last considerably longer. Byrd Campbell—whose motto “Byrd Campbell Means Business” embodies our mission—is a law firm dedicated to serving businesses. Already our clients have raised concerns about the unfolding but unfathomable consequences of how COVID-19 has turned or will turn their business lives upside down. Over the coming days, the firm will publish a series of blog posts addressing those issues looming on the horizon, identifying the points of consideration, and offering possible solutions. The first Byrd Campbell blog installment addresses the question: