The law firm of Byrd Campbell throughout 2022 has continued to attract many superb lawyers to the firm.  With a mix of top-notch litigators and real estate attorneys, the firm aggressively has hired 11 lawyers to keep pace with the client demands across its major practice groups. 

Firm President, Tucker H. Byrd, commented, “Our focus on excellence in all aspects of the firm has begun to pay huge dividends for us.  The client growth has been phenomenal, which has allowed us to attract the best of the best lawyers.  Whether our real estate group—which did well over $1 Billion in transactions in the past year—or our litigation group, which has brought and taken to jury trial many high-profile cases, “extraordinary” has become, well, the norm for the firm.”  

Byrd also said, “Hey, we’re always looking for more top talent.  But come ready to work and for a great journey.  We’re built for achievers.”

Among those joining the ranks at Byrd Campbell during the year:


Jason Johnson

Christine Zharova

Debora Antisdel

Alex Cumming

Keani Knight-Walker

Real Estate:

James Wallace

Michael O’Quinn

Daphne Tako

Victoria Stanisauskis

Sean O’Toole

Jake Paglialonga